• AKM – Active Knowledge Modelling


    The company was established in Sept. 2007 as a Troux Technologies AS spin-off. Manager R&D Frank Lillehagen, former founder of METIS AS developing the Troux core modelling tools, asked his core team of four to be co-founders of AKM AS when Troux Technologies Inc. announced its decision to move core EA modelling operations from Oslo to London.

    The vision of the company is to provide a workplace for people to configure specific workplaces and services. Its mission is partnering to develop industrial methodologies and operational platforms for operating customer knowledge architectures, and configuring services and workplaces.

    The Configurable Visual Workplace (CVW) enables capturing role-specific work logic to structure active knowledge architectures, support holistic enterprise design, and configure new workplaces. The approach is based on unique discoveries and implementations, standards and patents are being considered.

  • Collaborative Business Sweden

    The company has been established by Per Högberg (earlier at Kongsberg Automotive AG) in Sept. 2007 with a collaborative view of business processes. Collaborative Business Sweden is as a management consulting company, and has so far focused on the vision of using the MAPPER methodology within the PLM area, with a broad perspective of modeling. The company has also been recognized for extensive networking in the SAP area, with the role to facilitate a long term strategy vision for approximately 10 000 companies in the SUGEN (SAP User Group Executive Network) group. Also the PLM area in the Nordic region have so far been into the area of target, and several companies strategy of PLM with the modeling approach have been carried out.

    The vision of the company is "aggregating values", when the values within each company in a network are used, the possibility to create more value could be carried out, if the methodology of modelling is in use. Collaborative Business is also focusing on the era shift from Information Society era into Integration Society era.

  • teambits GmbH


    teambits GmbH has been established as a Fraunhofer IGD (Darmstadt) spin-off based on MAPPER results. The goal is to bring collaboration technology to the market that formed the basis for collaboration services in MAPPER. The main focus will be on the future development and distribution of the digital moderation collaboration service. It is planned to have cooperation with AKM in order to be able to provide products that integrate smoothly, so that collaboration services can be easily implemented for active knowledge model architectures in organizations. The market study conducted by Fraunhofer reveals that the market for collaboration services is growing 10-20% per year. Therefore, it is seen very promising to exploit this technology commercially.

  • Living Agendas UGmbH

    FernUni is currently evaluating the creation of a spin-off company Living Agendas UGmbH with the aim of providing services for meeting management based on the meeting patterns developed in WP4 and the collaboration services developed by FernUni in WP5 and WP6. The company will take up the requirements experienced in the MAPPER project with networked organizations and benefit from the insights and products developed in the MAPPER project. Meeting patterns as well as supportive technology that especially address the interaction in these kinds of organizations are considered as the unique strengths of the new company. It is further planned to have a close cooperation with teambits GmbH and by that be able to provide support for meetings throughout the whole meeting life-cycle. FernUni shares the estimates of Fraunhofer with respect to the growth of the market for collaboration services.