1. Collaborative platform components developed by AKM

(Active Knowledge Modelling)

AKM portal (prototype CWW-Configurable Web Workplaces) which provides:
  • - Configurable Collaboration Spaces
  • - Configurable Work Processes (task management and task pattern execution support)
  • - Configurable Web service Integration (Axis platform)
  • - AKM template in Metis for configuring the portal, built on top of MEAF (Metis Enterprise Architecture Framework), based on POPS (Products, Organizations, Processes, Systems) as developed in the ATHENA project
Configurable Visual Workplaces (CVW) in the Metis client with:
  • - Task management and task pattern execution
  • - Information management with templates
  • - View management with queries and static views
Visual Solutions Development methodology that utilizes the EKA/IRTV metamodels with:
  • - Templates in CVW for workplaces for configuring workplaces
  • - Extensive training course material
Collaborative Product Design methodology with:
  • - Overview textual description
  • - Partial templates in CVW for end user workplaces
  • - CPPD metamodels in Metis for configurable components and product structures, requirements and function deployment


(FernUni Hagen)

CURE  is a Web-based system that facilitates collaboration in distributed teams using standard browsers over the Internet that is now available from the http://cure.sourceforge.net page under an Apache licence 2.0.

From a user’s perspective, CURE is based on the room metaphor combined with WIKI ideas and communication tools. A user can participate in one or more project by being a member of the rooms that are associated with the project. The actual collaboration takes place in rooms that contain editable Web pages and communication channels. Examples for pages are traditional files (such as spread sheet documents or vector graphics) or wiki pages. Each room can have several embedded communication channels. In case of an embedded mailbox, it is possible to send messages to a room using a traditional e-mail client. These messages will be dispatched to all members of a room.

More information can be found in the CURE short manual and tutorial.

3. Fraunhofer IGD products

(Fraunhofer IGD)

Two products are related to FhG participation in MAPPER, namely:  Concert Chat software (as a basis for consulting services) and the Digital Moderation software and methodology.

The Concert Chat client provides synchronous collaboration services to the users. The user services are accessible by means of the ConcertChat Client, a Java application that can be launched using Java Webstart technology. It offers user awareness, text-based synchronous communication support, a shared whiteboard and referencing functionality using again a virtual room as the metaphor to realize a shared workspace. Concert Chat is further developed as a sourceforge.net project.

Digital Moderation software and methodology improves the effectiveness and efficiency of meetings by combining proven facilitation methods with the innovative possibilities of networked computers. It supports organisation of workshops. Digital Moderationsoftware is further developed by the MAPPER spin-off teambits GmbH.

4. TRMS version 2

(Silesian University of Technology)

The Tool Registration and Management Services enable distance spanning tool integration. Once registered, tools provide their service for distributed design teams. Users are supported in making use of tools that are installed at remote sites. TRMS was originally developed within the EU 5th FP E-Colleg project, and further extended during the EU 6th FP MAPPER project. The TRMS environment offers to dispersed engineers some innovative features that enhance existing distributed collaborative engineering infrastructures. Easier integration with other collaborative environments and conclusions from its use have been a reason for reorganisation of the TRMS architecture towards a Web Services based solution.

TRMS is supported by the CiEL group.

5. USB2OTG PHY IP component from advICo and Evatronix

(advICo GmbH, Evatronix SA)

advICo in collaboration with Evatronix has developed USB2OTG PHY IP and advanced transceiver chip in an IHP 0.25u CMOS technology as a part of experimentations with the MAPPER technology on distributed collaborative design of an virtual electronic component.