• MAPPER on Swedish TV
    "Information model – Highschool in Joenkoeping” (in Swedish) was broadcasted on 24th of May 2008 at 8.30 PM. Lennart Holmberg (Kongsberg Automotive AB) and Kurt Sandkuhl (Jönköping Univ.) from MAPPER take part in the program that is available from the Swedish TV web pages.
  • MAPPER Poster pdf document
  • MAPPER project overview pdf document
    MAPPER coordinators
    Brussels, Mar. 2005
  • Secure integration of distributed tools pdf document
    Adam Pawlak & TRMS team from CiEL/SUT
    Sept. 2005
  • Scalable Service Delivery (METIS 4) pdf document
    Troux Technologis, 2006
  • Analog design flow pdf document
    Guenter Grau, advICo microelectronics GmbH, Jan. 2006
  • The combination of a new business process for integrated complete lifecycle pdf document
    Per Högberg, (Kongsberg Automotive Group, Sweden)
    AITPL cluster FP7 Consultation Workshop, Brussels, 27.02.2006
  • Problem statement, vision and structure pdf document
    Svein G. Johnsen (project technical coordinator)
    Turin, 03.04.2006
  • MAPPER Methodology, Architecture and Demo  pdf document
    Svein G. Johnsen, Peter Tandler (IPSI), Havard D. Jorgensen (Troux), Till Schümmer (FernUni), Piotr Penkala (SUT/CiEL)
    Turin, 03.04.2006
  • Collaborative IP-based SoC design (problem statement)  pdf document
    Wojtek Sakowski (Evatronix)
    Turin, 03.04.2006
  • Infrastructure Integration (problem statement)  pdf document
    Havard D. Jorgensen (AKM)
    Brussels, 09.04.2008
  • The target setting process  pdf document
    Fiat Research Centre
    CCE06 workshop, Prague, 20.04.2006
  • CRF Use Case Scorecard  pdf document
    Kurt Sandkuhl (Jönköping Univ.)
    Vienna, Jun. 2006
  • The requirement engineering approach  pdf document
    Svein G. Johnson (SINTEF), Gianni Jaccuci (Univ. Trento)
    Brussels, 14.11.2006
  • Introducing the Product Perspective  pdf document
    Dag Karlsen, Havard D. Jorgensen, (AKM)
    MAPPER meeting, Oslo, Jan. 2007
  • Product Based Interoperability – Approaches and Requirements  pdf document
    Havard D. Jorgensen, Dag Karlsen, Frank Lillehagen (AKM), Presented by Kurt Sandkuhl (Jönköping Univ.)
    MAPPER meeting, Oslo, Jan. 2007
  • Modeling Social Practice Design Visions  pdf document
    Gianni Jacucci, Hilda Tellioglu, Ina Wagner (Univ. of Trento)
    MAPPER meeting, Oslo, Jan. 2007
  • Standards in Collaboration  pdf document
    Till Schümmer (Fern Univ. Hagen)
    CCE07 workshop, Kraków, 13.04.2007
  • Collaborative Engineering Approach Towards IP-based SoC Design  pdf document
    Adam Pawlak, Piotr Penkala, Paweł Fraś (SUT), Havard D. Jorgensen (AKM), Wojciech Sakowski (Evatronix)
    IP07 – IP Based Electronic Systems Conference, Grenoble, 5-6.12.2007
  • MAPPER methodology and collaborative framework - progress report  pdf document
    Svein G. Johnsen (SINTEF), Peter Tandler (Fraunhofer), Havard Jorgensen (AKM), Adam Pawlak (SUT)
    Brussels, 21.11.2007
  • Collaborative Product Development in automotive industry  pdf document
    Giorgio Sobrito (CRF)
    Brussels, 09.04.2008
  • Collaborative IP-based SoC design results + demo  pdf document
    Szymon Grzybek (Evatronix), Guenter Grau (advICo), Adam Pawlak, Piotr Penkala (SUT)
    Brussels, 09.04.2008
  • Web services-based collaborative system for distributed engineering  pdf document
    Adam Pawlak, Paweł Fraś, Piotr Penkala (SUT)
    PRO-VE'08 9th IFIP Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises, Poznań, 8-10 Sept. 2008