MAPPER in the AITPL cluster

MAPPER has been a partner project in the cluster of European projects on Ambient Intelligence Technologies for the Product Lifecycle (AITPL). The AITPL cluster is one of four clusters that has been stimulated by the EC in the domain of e-Business (IST-FP6). The EC Report "ICT for business" pictures a scenario of European R&D at the beginning of the FP6 in the e-Business domain. The following presentation from the EC (GĂ©rald Santucci) explains the key role of concertation stressing the need for sharing knowledge and searching opportunities for convergence of ongoing work.
Initial objectives of the AITPL cluster were assembled in the first cluster flyer and results in the cluster book from 2005.

The AITPL cluster brochure from Feb. 2008 presents shortly the scenario of the cluster FP6 and FP7 projects that belong to the cluster (state Feb. 2008).

The second AITPL cluster book provides an overview of results of the European AITPL Project Cluster achieved until the end of 2007. It includes a summary of identified challenges for the AITPL domain that have been identified during FP7 consultancy workshop (Brussels, Feb. 2006) and the AITPL Forum (Milan, June 2006).

AITPL cluster pages at the RFID in Action EU site (Nov. 2008) and at VE-Forum (Forum on Virtual Enterprises) web server provide information on the cluster projects and their work.